TÜBİTAK President Prof. Dr. Hasan Mandal said that in the first year of the “Turkey Century” they set their sights on space.

Stating that one of the ten themes of the National Space Program is “Sending the first Turkish astronaut into space,” Mandal said, “It has given us joy and responsibility to see the great interest and high expectations that our society has towards the first Turkish astronaut Astronaut Alper shows.” Gezeravcı flies into space. he said.

Mandal explained that Gezeravcı will conduct 13 scientific experiments on the International Space Station and that the space mission is a “scientific mission project.”

Stressing that the experiments to be conducted are important for the country, Mandal said, “We look forward to the results of the 13 experiments. Previously, we launched our satellite İMECE in 2023. Two important missions will follow. One of them is our Türksat 6A project. We will launch our communications satellite in 2024, followed by the Moon. “The journey to space will continue in 2026 to achieve our hard landing mission,” he said.

All eyes on the new “İMECE”

Stating that they are looking to the future with a focus on space, Mandal talked about new projects related to “Turkey’s Space Highway.”

Mandal drew attention to the 2024 Investment Program and stated that the program provided a budget of 2.8 billion lira for the İMECE-2 and İMECE-3 projects. Mandal said:

“Our İMECE satellite will be İMECE-1. With İMECE-2 and İMECE-3, our three satellites will work simultaneously until 2027. We will now be able to receive images from anywhere and at any time. Our government did not say “I have a video satellite”, it included two İMECE satellites in the investment program” and included it in its budget. Studies will continue from 2024 99 centimeters. Now it will be 50 centimeters. We will produce high-resolution optical cameras on İMECE-2 and İMECE-3. In this way, our constellations will be “With İMECE-2 and İMECE-3, Turkey will no longer be a country.” that only makes satellites, but also constellations.

Mandal stated that the construction of İMECE, which Turkey produced with all its components from design to development, took 7 years, while the construction of İMECE-2 and İMECE-3 will take 4 years.

Emphasizing that Turkey will build two satellites within four years, Mandal said: “Turkey will become a country that can sell satellites. Turkey is reaching this stage. İMECE-2 and İMECE-3 are now on the way. Our gaze is always on space and the sky. said.

Stating that the optical camera, one of the most critical parts of İMECE, will be relocated to another country, Mandal said:

“In other words, we produce and export space technology beyond our own needs. In addition, we are a country that can produce chips for our own defense industry, but now we have worked with a country to develop our production infrastructure to produce chips.” “We are collaborating on technologies that have very different areas of application and are located in the civilian sector.”

TÜBİTAK provided 6.3 billion lira support in 2023

Mandal pointed out that last year was a difficult year for Turkey in all respects and continued:

“2023 was a difficult year environmentally, geopolitically, economically and socially. On the one hand, we saw the effects of climate change. For the first time in the history of the world, 4 months of the year were above average temperature. This is an incredible thing, it doesn’t bode well for the future. In the future it will be much more difficult for us to get water, to get food. The countries currently have the dimension of finding a common solution to this problem on their agenda. On the other hand, what is happening in Palestine. What is happening on the world’s agenda is a time when we cannot withstand brutality and oppression. From our country’s perspective, the earthquake disaster we experienced on February 6th. A year ago is a young time, and it is still a difficult time that will continue. A fairer and more equal world requires more science and technology, no matter what angle we look at it from, geopolitical, environmental, social, economic. With science and technology we can create solutions to these problems and stop oppression. You might say: If someone uses science and technology to demonstrate their power, you too must create a more just and peaceful world with more science and technology. Therefore, the duty of TÜBİTAK is crucial.”

He stated that TÜBİTAK will have an important year in 2023 in terms of academics, industry, scientists and social consciousness.

Mandal shared that on the academic side they supported more than 5,000 projects, saying: “The resources allocated to this are about 2 billion lira. On the industrial side, around 3,400 projects have been supported and support continues. We have provided 2 billion lira support there. Nearly 50,000 researchers were supported and “2.3 billion lira were allocated for this site. The support we provided reached 6.3 billion lira,” said.

Mandal said they not only support projects, but also integrate those supports with each other.

“Those who produce and use information are brought together”

Mandal emphasized that society’s awareness has been raised through TEKNOFEST, stating that participation in science centers, workshops, competitions and Olympics has increased.

Mandal explained that they have brought together 24 major technology platforms in 2023 and that the platforms will bring together institutions that produce and use information, including climate-related issues that Turkey and the world need, such as nutrition, health, quantum technology and green transformation.

Stating that Turkey’s greatest and decisive power is its human resources, Mandal said: “The sooner we bring these human resources together with science and technology, the more significant it will be in the 100th anniversary of the Republic of Turkey. We will create solutions for it.” “I see it as our strongest resource right now,” he said.

GÖKDOĞAN and BOZDOĞAN missiles will enter the inventory in 2024

Stating that Turkey has reached a critical point in the field of defense industry, Mandal stated that the development of air-to-air missile systems is a difficult phase and that the GÖKDOĞAN and BOZDOĞAN missiles developed in this context passed all tests and would enter the market the inventory this year.

Stating that Turkey is a country that produces its own electric train, Mandal said:

“We got our electric train on the tracks, that was crucial for us. Of course, Togg is the pride of our country. The companies that produce its critical component are the companies supported by TÜBİTAK. On the other hand, Phase 1 of Our Digital Money has been completed with ASELSAN and HAVELSAN. TÜBİTAK Gebze Campus has introduced digital money. “We used it. Currently, the 2nd phase of the project has begun and it will be implemented in 2024 under the coordination of our Central Bank.”

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