In his evaluation of the congress, Alper Gezeravcı told the journalists that it was a source of pride to host nearly 70 astronauts in Turkey, who were pioneers in the sector, accomplished many tasks, made their name in history, and served as role models for many people.

Stating that the congress has been held 33 times so far and the 34th one was held in Turkey, Gezeravcı emphasized that it was very valuable to hold the meeting in the 100th anniversary of the Republic, during the period when they planned to take the first step into space.

Stating that the space journey will be carried out towards the end of 2023, Gezeravcı said, “Training in the USA continues intensively. Being here today was one of the planned activities of the training calendar. We continue our training intensively. The flow of the program continues intensively until the launch date.” ” said.

Gezeravcı explained that there are different components for the execution of the mission and that the return to earth will be carried out after the 14-day activity calendar.

Stating that the trainings that will cover the entire mission content are continuing, Gezervacı stated that they will repeat the trainings they have completed in the remaining time in order to preserve fresh information until the launch.

A journalist asked, “You are ready physically, what will you say spiritually and emotionally?” “We have no problems. This is not a task that we got involved in at the last minute or tried to adapt to. We had made mental preparations for this long ago. We are extremely ready for the task, both mentally and spiritually.” Answering Gezeravcı, “What will this space mission bring to Turkey?” In response to the question, he said:

“From my perspective, the most valuable achievement is a mission that will raise the self-confidence of the future generations of our country. While the sky we can see with our eyes has been the limit of our dreams until now, our future generations are now stepping into the depths of space with this mission. This mission is not the destination of a story, but the starting point.” “Therefore, it is a task that will provide great momentum for our future generations and expand their horizons far beyond the sky they can see with their own eyes.”

“We are waiting for that day, that blessed moment, with great curiosity.”

Tuva Cihangir Atasever also said that they were extremely excited and that the training had been continuing since April.

Stating that they continue their familiarization training in the modules of other countries that have their own modules at the International Space Station in the USA, Atasever said, “A very intense and exciting training program continues. As the launch approaches, this excitement will gradually increase. We are with great curiosity that day, that day.” “We are waiting for the blessed moment.” he said.

Atasever made the following suggestions to young people:

“This mission will be the beginning of our manned space travel. We are taking the first step right now. This is a first step mission. It is very valuable for future generations to continue this process. The biggest advice I can give them is, in my humble opinion, the things that they are excited about, the ones that excite them in their hearts.” Whatever the discipline or occupation is, they should pursue it with great enthusiasm. The point is not necessarily to be an engineer, not necessarily to be a scientist, not necessarily to have a career in a technical field, space is now spreading to a very wide range and is becoming commercialized. In commercialized space, both in low Earth orbit and in deep space We need people from all disciplines in research in space, on the Moon and beyond. Therefore, they should embrace and pursue with great enthusiasm whatever field excites them. If space is a phenomenon that stimulates their excitement, it is now much easier for them to combine space with whatever field they are educated in. “

Members of the press asked, “There is a redundancy situation regarding this task. What do you think about this?” Answering the question, Atasever said the following:

“We actually have two different missions. One of them is the Turkish Astronaut and Science Mission Project, which we will carry out at the International Space Station, which will be carried out at the end of this year, maybe at the beginning of next year. Within the scope of this mission, we will also work with Virgin Galactic in orbit, probably in the first quarter of 2024. We will carry out six flights. As a backup of the International Space Station mission, Alper Gezeravcı’s backup, I am familiar with the processes there and participate in the training there, and I continue to work on some scientific experiments that we will carry out on our Virgin Galactic flight. Therefore, when I first started this project, I had emotions and feelings. “My thought was to give all the support I could to ensure the successful accomplishment of the mission, regardless of whether he was a principal or a substitute, without expressing any importance. I continue the same feeling and thought.”

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