TUBITAK President Prof. Dr. Hasan Mandal made evaluations about his Brussels contacts and Turkey’s EUREKA term presidency.

Stating that they are trying to create opportunities to develop new collaborations, Mandal said that their aim of coming to Brussels is that the EUREKA term presidency, which is a structure established in 1985 to develop R&D and technology-based collaborations of especially important industrial organizations in Europe, will pass to Turkey for the third time. said that.

Mandal pointed out that they came together with the scientific and technological cooperation organizations of Europe called COST, where academics do business together and Turkey is in the top 3, and explained that they evaluated the current situation and discussed what can be done together for the future.

Noting that they also made important contacts with the EU Commission, Mandal noted that they met with the Commission’s research and innovation officials.

Mandal said, “We evaluated Turkey’s current situation. Indeed, especially since 2019, Turkey has very well linked its programs with those of Europe within the scope of the Horizon Europe program in Europe.” said.

TÜBİTAK President said that the EU Commission clearly saw and appreciated Turkey’s success and set an example for other countries.

High-level cooperation meeting with EU to be held in Turkey

Reminding that a high-level cooperation meeting in the field of science and research was held in Brussels in November 2022, Mandal said, “We talked about the continuation of this. The second high-level cooperation meeting will be held in Turkey in November this year.” he said.

Pointing out that he had a meeting with NATO Permanent Representative Ambassador Zeki Levent Gümrükçü, Mandal said that security was the most important element in NATO in the past, however, there are technology and technology-based collaborations at the point of triggering security today.

Stating that they evaluated the technology-centered cooperation between the allied countries in their contacts in NATO, Mandal said that he participated in an event regarding the transfer of the EUREKA term presidency to Turkey.

Increasing visibility in science and technology

Mandal said, “Really, our country’s visibility was more limited in the past when we came. But now, Turkey’s visibility, especially in science and technology, together with the potential of what it has done and will do, both the way we are hosted, our collaborations and declarations of intent make us really happy. We’re trying to turn it into more opportunities.” made its assessment.

Noting that EUREKA is essentially a cooperation platform initiated for the development of innovation and innovation dimension of the industry in Europe, especially in the future, Mandal noted that Turkey is among the 19 founding partners of EUREKA, and the number of members has increased to 47 countries.

“Türkiye unanimously elected EUREKA term president”

Reminding that Turkey was the term president of EUREKA in 1998-1999 and 2012-2013, Mandal said, “The term presidency is not something that rotates sequentially here. You become a candidate. I am pleased to say that Turkey was unanimously elected EUREKA term chairman. It is very valuable in terms of its awareness, visibility and potential.” said.

Stating that Turkey’s EUREKA term presidency will officially start on 1 July, Mandal stated that the presidency will last for 1 year.

“We will have 4 priorities in this period”

Mandal said, “We will have 4 priorities during this period. Green and digital twin transformation. How can we successfully overcome the effects of climate change together. This is our primary priority.” provided information.

Pointing out that the second priority is EUREKA’s potential for further expansion, Mandal said that Turkey is friendly with the Western Balkans and that the region should be included more actively in this process.

Mandal stated that EUREKA can further evaluate the data and projects it has, and that the governance structure of the institution can become more effective and efficient.

Stating that the theme of Turkey’s EUREKA term presidency is “to build bridges to the challenges of the future with science and technology”, Mandal stated that the secretariat and operation of the term presidency will be carried out by TÜBİTAK.

Noting that many committee meetings will be held in the coming period, Mandal said, “A great innovation congress will be held in Turkey in June 2024.” shared the information.


EUREKA is known as an important international cooperation platform established to encourage the research and development of advanced technologies, products, processes and services that will increase the competitiveness of industrial and research institutions in European countries in the world markets, and to encourage the creation and execution of joint projects between countries.

Established in 1985 by 18 European countries, including Turkey, and the European Union Commission, EUREKA’s membership has grown to 45, with the increase in the impact and functionality of the network and the inclusion of non-European countries such as Canada, South Korea, South Africa and Singapore over time. got on it.

Previously, Turkey served as the EUREKA term president for two terms, in 1998-1999 and 2012-2013.

Turkey, which has been active in EUREKA since its establishment, became the 11th country to establish the most project partnerships with 959 project proposals with Turkish partners in the 2008-2021 period. These projects are evaluated, financed and monitored by TUBITAK.

Turkey is represented in EUREKA with the position of “EUREKA Country High Level Representative” with the assignment made by the Ministry of Industry and Technology.

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