The team participating in the 7th National Antarctic Science Expedition, which was carried out under the auspices of the Presidency, under the responsibility of the Ministry of Industry and Technology, and under the coordination of TÜBİTAK MAM Polar Research Institute, passed 103 latitudes from Istanbul to the south to reach the continent, leaving behind an exhausting journey.

Starting their journey from Istanbul to Sao Paulo, Brazil on January 30, the scientific delegation of 24 people traveled 13,800 kilometers after 4 separate flights of approximately 22 hours, and at the end of 3 days with around 2 tons of technical equipment, the Antarctic King George Island. had it.

The expedition team took important measures to prevent the transport of non-native creatures to the continent in accordance with the Antarctic Environmental Protection Protocol. Before flying to the continent, the team carefully checked all their luggage and clothes for possible residues, and as they got off the plane in Antarctica King George, they cleaned their boots in a disinfectant solution and reached the white continent.

The team will conduct detailed research within the scope of 18 projects.

Director of TÜBİTAK MAM Polar Research Institute and 7th National Antarctic Science Expedition Coordinator Prof. Dr. Burcu Özsoy stated that they arrived at Antarctic King George Island, located at 62 south latitude, 68 hours after leaving Istanbul, and said, “We were very tired, but we succeeded. Our team is ready and solid, we landed in Antarctica with all our belongings and we will be transferred to our ship soon. We will reach our ship by road, then by boat.” said.

Turkish scientists set foot in Antarctica

Informing that there will be 19 Turkish and 3 foreign scientists in the expedition, Prof. Dr. Özsoy said, “We will carry out 18 different projects. In addition, our top 3 high school winners announced at TEKNOFEST within the scope of the TUBITAK 2204-C High School Students Polar Research Projects Competition call, went to Antarctica with us. They will be able to test their biodegradable plastic projects. Together, they will be able to test their science stations. We will visit and go to the laboratories here. This will also provide our students with the opportunity to meet foreign scientists.” used the phrases.

Turkish scientists set foot in Antarctica

Emphasizing that they will carry out projects in a wide range from earth sciences to physical sciences, from social sciences to life sciences, Özsoy said, “The Department of Navigation, Hydrography and Oceanography, General Directorate of Meteorology, General Directorate of Maps will be with us. they will be able to make all the preparations for the collection of new data. However, we will carry out the work of collecting data for the protection of the lakes, especially on Horseshoe Island, which we have done our observation studies. We are now in Antarctica to carry out 18 projects, including earth sciences.” he said.

Turkish scientists set foot in Antarctica

Future research will be published in international scientific journals.

In order for Turkey to gain consultant country status in the Antarctic Treaty System, it is of great importance to carry out scientific expeditions every year regularly and to contribute to the world literature by publishing the researches in international scientific journals. Researchers will also contribute to Turkey’s international visibility with their work in this direction.

The winners of the 2204-C High School Students Polar Research Projects Competition organized by the TÜBİTAK Scientist Support Program Presidency (BİDEB) are also related to their project named ‘Indigenous and National Bioplastic Material Production to Prevent Microplastic Pollution in the Arctic Oceans’, Escudero, Chile, located on King George Island. He will be working at the base.

Turkish scientists set foot in Antarctica

Meanwhile, Gülcan Akoğuz, Ambassador of the Republic of Turkey to Santiago, joined the team of the 7th National Antarctic Science Expedition at Chile’s Santiago Airport Comodoro Arturo Merino Benitez, which is their stop before reaching the White Continent. In addition, 3 foreign scientists joined the team to realize their projects within the scope of cooperation with Ecuador and Colombia.

The team consisting of researchers from TUBITAK, Naval Forces Command, General Directorate of Maps, General Directorate of Meteorology, Anadolu Agency, research institutes and universities, crossed by boat to the 80-meter research ship, the Chilean flagged Betanzos, off the coast of King George Island, where they will carry out their work, which is expected to last more than 30 days. .

The scientific delegation is expected to reach Horseshoe Island, where the Turkish Research Camp is located in Antarctica, with a one-week cruise.

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