Ramazan Bülbül, Head of Animal Health, Food and Feed Research Department of the General Directorate of Agricultural Research and Policies of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, attended the ‘Turkey 1st Food Microbiology Congress’ organized by Atatürk University Faculty of Agriculture and Yıldız Technical University’s Food Engineering Departments in Erzurum. gave information about national and local yoghurt yeast and cheese inventory studies.

Bülbül said that studies are continuing to produce local and national yeast for yoghurt, which is one of the important foods of Turkish culture.

“Türkiye will create yeast with its own flavor”

Noting that they collected samples of yoghurts produced in Turkey at Bursa Food and Feed Control Central Research Institute, Bülbül continued as follows:

“Yogurt is known as a Turkish product, but we were buying the yeast from abroad. Among nearly a thousand products, the one that was suitable for our taste and aroma was determined by our experts. As a result of our work, we determined the yeast with its unique aroma. TAGEM asked for a patent for the local and national yoghurt yeast obtained. We applied to the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office through the Transfer Office. Thus, the patent process for the national yeast started. The patent process for the yeast, which is examined according to its physical and chemical properties, takes approximately 1.5 years. Approximately 6 months have passed since our patent application. After approximately 1 year. If there is no objection, we will start producing national and local yoghurt yeast. Turkey will create yeast with its own unique aroma. We will produce our own product entirely, yeast with its unique aroma.

“The child will receive vitamin D with the yeast we will extract.”

Stating that they contributed to the sector by collaborating with the private sector, Ramazan Bülbül stated that they are working on vitamin D yeast to be used in pastries and said, “We are working on these issues, including food additives and functional foods. We are about to release a product on this subject. We are working on vitamin D yeast for pastries. “We are working with a company. Their mothers make cakes and pastries for children during the winter months. Since mothers use normal yeast in these products, the child cannot get vitamin D. With the yeast we will produce, the child will receive vitamin D. He will be more resistant to diseases such as flu,” he said.

“We identified approximately 200 types of cheese”

Stating that they have created Turkey’s cheese inventory, Bülbül said:

“We are making an inventory of traditional cheeses. This issue was also in the government program. We identified approximately 200 types of cheese. Now their chemical physical analysis is being carried out. After completing it by the end of November, it will be launched. From now on, our cheeses such as those of the Netherlands and France will be recognized. The characteristics of the cheeses will be recognized.” “And we will prepare and present in a catalogue, how it is done.”

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