President of the Presidency Digital Transformation Office Ali Taha Koç answered questions at TEKNOFEST held at Ankara Etimesgut Airport.

Expressing that TEKNOFEST Ankara was very enthusiastic, Koç said, “Yesterday was very busy because it was a holiday. Ankara missed a festival like TEKNOFEST. A lot of our citizens and young people are coming. As the Digital Transformation Office, we are holding mini-competitions to raise TEKNOFEST youth and give them digital skills. “We are trying to find new cyber heroes, we are talking about e-Government,” he said.

“Games from the training will become playable on Togg”

Pointing out that the Digital Transformation Talent Center (DDYM), which was opened to support the emergence of new Turcorns in this field by improving the game and coding skills of young people, pointed out that they provided training to 24 students in the new term, and said that they presented awards to those who ranked in the training and competitions there.

Stating that the certificate they give to the trainees at the Apple Education Center here is valid all over the world, Koç continued as follows:

“We also established a game workshop (Digital Transformation Talent Center Game Workshop) together with METU Atom. Our young people performed very good games here. They will try to place these games in Togg, Turkey’s domestic and national car. Games that came out of an education for the first time in the world, It will become playable in Turkey’s domestic and national car. This is a great source of pride for us. Our domestic game manufacturers will start producing games for our domestic cars. Turkey is very advanced in the playground. I hope these young people are the new Turcorns, namely Unicorns, worth billions of dollars. They will do their best to create companies.”

“It will be the biggest of the festivals held in Ankara”

Reminding that a visitor record of 2.5 million was broken at Istanbul TEKNOFEST this year, Koç stated that they think they will approach this figure in Ankara as well.

Emphasizing that it is certain that Ankara will achieve a great record in terms of space and density, Koç said, “It will certainly be the biggest of the festivals held in Ankara. The important thing is for our young people to attend and see the technologies here and watch the shows here.”

Explaining that young visitors developed a project and participated in the festival as a competitor the following year, Koç pointed out that there are many start-ups and initiatives that came out of TEKNOFEST.

Koç stated that they held entrepreneurship competitions at TEKNOFEST Ankara in order to raise these to the next level, and made the following assessment:

“We will bring together the friends who have produced products at TEKNOFEST with angel investors and enable them to grow even more. We will have realized all the steps of the product. There will be many companies that first started with excitement, then projects, products, companies and eventually will turn into global companies. Artificial intelligence in TEKNOFEST Izmir We will diversify the competitions in the field.”

Explaining that there is a lot of interest in the defense industry at TEKNOFEST, besides the airplane shows, Koç said that the “Hayri” character of the “Digital Crew” animated series, which they made with TRT in their own stands, is very popular. Noting that the new episodes of the series will come, Koç said, “We need to teach the young people digitalization in the right way. In this sense, we will support our friends.”

Green e-Government concept for İzmir TEKNOFEST

Expressing that they will focus on building the green e-Government infrastructure, Koç stated that lastly, 1 million young people registered for university via e-Government.

Underlining that the students thus create less carbon emissions, Koç said, “We will work with the concept of green e-Government in İzmir as well. We will inform you how much less carbon emissions you spend in return for all the services you provide in e-Government. In other words, by digitalizing you, e-Government You will see how little harm you do to the world by using the state,” he said.

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