After Elon Musk bought Twitter for 44 Billion dollars in October 2022, the process of change began on the platform with millions of users. Musk’s first job was to lay off a large number of employees. Then, the changes that made users say “Where is the old Twitter” came one after another.

What has changed on Twitter?

One of the first and biggest changes after layoffs was about the blue tick. Work has started to make the blue tick feature, which is given only to official institutions, organizations and approved individuals, and which creates an important element of trust in the sharing of these accounts, can be purchased.

Although this change was met with reaction by users, Musk read what he knew. Twitter Blue and many new features came into our lives one after another.

Along with Twitter Blue, golden and gray ticks entered our lives.

Tweets are editable.

The character limit for Twitter Blue purchasers has been increased to 4,000.

Removed blue ticks from previously verified accounts that did not purchase.

The changes made on the platform were not limited to these.

The Twitter logo was replaced for a while with the coin logo, of which Elon Musk is an investor.

The character limit for Twitter Blue subscribers has been increased again and increased to 10 thousand, italic and bold text feature has been introduced.

Video upload time has been increased to 2 hours for Twitter Blue subscribers.

In short, Twitter is no longer the old Twitter.

Would you switch to an alternative platform?

Although it is not easy for users to give up habits, the discomfort felt by these changes made by Musk before 1 year on Twitter can turn into an opportunity for alternative applications.

In recent days, it has started to be spoken loudly that many companies are working on new applications such as Twitter. In particular, it is said that Instagram, owned by Meta, can rival Twitter.

Time will determine the fate of Twitter, which still has millions of users, after the changes, and alternative applications will determine the orientation of users.

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