Gaziantep University (GAUN) Vice Rector Prof. Dr. Recep Yumrutaş said that they were affected by the earthquakes in every sense.

Stating that they recovered soon after the earthquake and brought together the students who will participate in TEKNOFEST, Yumrutaş stated that all the needs of the students, from accommodation to workshops, were met.

Yumrutaş emphasized that they, as a university, make serious efforts to motivate students and continued as follows:

“Everyone, including us and our students, was shaken by the earthquake. Most of our students left Gaziantep. In a short time, we invited these students back and provided them with space and opportunities in safe buildings, laboratories and workshops, allowing them to focus on their projects. We supplied whatever our students needed. “Our students really did a great job. They worked devotedly and realized these projects.”

“These students contribute to the scientific studies that our country needs.”

Yumrutaş stated that the awards students received this year were different from the awards in previous years.

Noting that they set bigger goals for themselves every year, Yumrutaş continued his words as follows:

“We participated in this year’s competition with a total of 335 students. 22 of our teams made it to the finals. We received a total of 10 awards, 2 first places and 2 second places. Our Contemporary Rocket Team came first in Turkey. Our students worked, strived, and did not abandon their projects despite the earthquake. These awards are left behind by a great success.” effort. Therefore, our students did not leave this support unrewarded. They represented our university in the best way. As long as these students work, we will continue to stand behind them. Our support will continue. We will never leave these students alone. Because these students are the future of our country. These students are the needs of our country. “It contributes to scientific studies.”

GAUN Aerospace Engineering 3rd year student Safa Aslan explained that she has been actively participating in TEKNOFEST competitions for the last 3 years.

Stating that they participated in a competition on unmanned aerial vehicles this year, Aslan stated that they were well motivated with their friends despite the earthquake.

Reminding that the earthquake occurred shortly before the competition, Aslan said:

“February is a month where there is very little time left for the competitions. We were also in the reporting phase. Although education and training stopped completely after the earthquake, our university opened all doors to us and opened all workshops to develop our projects. It continued its financial support. We were able to meet our shelter needs in safe environments. “They continued their support. As a result, we worked even harder and achieved good results. As Gaziantep University, we received serious awards at TEKNNOFEST this year again, and we represented our university in the best way by achieving first place.”

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