The use of social media has now become an indispensable part of life.

Social media became active after the earthquakes in Kahramanmaraş and Hatay. Shares increased.

In addition to real messages, false posts were also made.

Social media and Digital Security Research Center Association President Prof. Dr. Levent Eraslan emphasized that the increase in the use of social media after the earthquakes brought along information pollution.

“We also saw in this last big earthquake that a lot of information, data and numbers were returned via social media. We can say that it has almost doubled. This much data flow over social media has brought disinformation with it.” said.

“So how should social media be used in emergencies and disasters?”

According to Eraslan, people generally share what they like on social media.

“However, instead, it will be very useful to share information that has been edited from a few confirmed sources. In times of disaster like this, we must first be calm, not circulate every piece of information that comes our way. And we must follow the accounts of public institutions and organizations,” he said.

prof. Dr. Eraslan also drew attention to the vitality of sharing in times of disaster.

“We have seen the advantage of social media in aid, organization, coordination, reporting, location determination processes,” he said.

Many people who were trapped under the rubble made their voices heard and held on to life with the sharing they made on social media.

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