Turkey’s largest technology festival TEKNOFEST opened its doors at Etimesgut Airport.

Turkey Technology Team Foundation (T3 Foundation) Chairman of the Board Elvan Kuzucu Hıdır gave information about participation and entrepreneurship competitions in the event that started on August 30 Victory Day.

Stating that they decided to organize TEKNOFEST in Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the Republic, Hıdır reminded that they held Istanbul TEKNOFEST at the end of April at Atatürk Airport with the participation of a very large number of visitors. Hıdır said that the number of 1 million 720 thousand visitors in the said organization increased to 2.5 million and renewed the record of TEKNOFEST.

Expressing that they expect an intense participation in Ankara, Hıdır said, “I can say that our online visitor records are 5-6 times that of Istanbul. Today, we opened our TEKNOFEST area to our visitors as of 09.00 in the morning and I can say that it is a very pleasant environment. I hope this will continue to increase.” .

Pointing out that technology competitions are the most important pillar of TEKNOFEST, Hıdır stated that especially young people who grow up with these competitions can establish their own initiatives and companies in the future.

“We organized the TEKNOFEST Startup Competition for Ankara and Izmir for the first time”

Hıdır emphasized that they attach great importance to the transformation of their prototypes, software and other works into a commercial product that will benefit humanity:

“In this context, after Istanbul, we organized the TEKNOFEST Startup Competition for the first time in Ankara and Izmir. In this competition, especially our teams that have a company, in the category of ‘acceleration’, our teams that have not yet established their company but have ideas and studies applied to ‘pre-incubation’. We organize in 10 different themes. These include very different disciplines such as space/aviation, agriculture, health and education technologies. Our teams will present their ideas and initiatives developed in these topics to academics and experts, and they will be evaluated. Finally, close to 10 million awards await our teams. “

Informing that each theme has separate headings, Hıdır said, “When we say agriculture, there are fields such as biotechnology, seed breeding, and robotic work supported by UAVs. We keep the perspective very broad, we do not want to direct our young people to a very specific area. Problems and solutions should be determined by young people and according to them. “The most valuable point here is that their work is beneficial to society and humanity,” he said.

Visitor record expected at TEKNOFEST Ankara

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