After the earthquakes, Turkey became one heart and took action to heal the wounds.

Cezeri Yeşil Teknoloji Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School students in Ankara also produced a solar bank for earthquake victims.

School Principal Mustafa Aydın stated that they predicted that the people in the region might need energy and said, “In this direction, we announced the subject to our students, we started our designs with our teacher friends and this bench came into existence.”

“We worked day and night with the students”

‘Cezeri Solar Bank’ was designed to meet both the light and charging needs of earthquake victims.

When asked about the students, teacher Ercan Koca said that all of them were volunteers and said, “We spent our first shipment with them day and night, as much as we could, and we sent 50 of them to Hatay.”

The targets are to send 500 “Cezeri Solar Banks” to the region.

Yiğit Türkaslan, one of the students, said that he was proud of himself every time a light bulb was lit.

Student Serra Gök said, “Unfortunately, we have experienced a great disaster in our country. And if we have helped our citizens there, even a little, it is a very proud and honorable thing for us.”

The school’s goal is to send 500 ‘Cezeri Solar Banks’, which can be filled with solar energy, to the region.

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