Children and young people who came to the festival visited the Science Street workshops with their families.

Children and young people, who visited the workshops where activities on experimentapkart, technology, agriculture, natural sciences, mathematics, entrepreneurship, astronomy, space and aviation, both had fun and learned.

“No matter big or small, anyone can come here”

The children talked about their happiness at seeing Science Street.

9-year-old Neval Ilgın Çelik, who came to the festival with her father, said that she loves workshops.

Çelik stated that he had visited the space workshop. “This street made me feel that good things should be done about children. Since TEKNOFEST came to Ankara for the first time, every child should come here and see this place. This is a beautiful place. Everyone can come here, big or small.” said.

16-year-old Kadir Türk, who received high school education in aviation, stated that he participated in the festival because of his love of airplanes.

Emphasizing that he does not miss the aviation festivals, Türk said that he especially liked the astronomy, space and aviation workshop on Bilim Street.

Cousins ​​toured the workshops together

Two cousins, Ayşe and Fatma Yüksel, were among the children touring Science Street with their families.

6th grade student Ayşe Yüksel stated that there are many fun and instructive workshops and said, “I liked the mangala game the most, it was very entertaining. Every child should come and see this place.”

4th grade student Fatma Yüksel stated that she loves the street very much. “First I visited the science workshop. We made rockets there. I learned that aluminum foil is conductive. We also designed the logo of our dream workplace. I also designed the logo of my own patisserie. I want to be a pastry maker in the future. I will make a lot of cakes.” he said.

“As a Turk, I am proud of TEKNOFEST”

Gokcen Koyuncu, who went to primary school, stated that he built the robot and the rocket of his dreams and said that he loved the basic training plane “HÜRKUŞ”, which was developed with domestic and national resources, in the festival area.

Middle school student Yusuf Kayra Cengiz also stated that he had been waiting for TEKNOFEST to come to Ankara for a long time. “I learned about the technological products on Science Street. People need to come here because something is learned here” said.

9-year-old Mahmut Tuğrul Ferhan, who visited the workshops, said that technological tools attracted his attention.

5-year-old Hüseyin Soylu, who visited the street with his father, said that he liked airplanes and scientific research the most.

9-year-old primary school student Zeynep Zümra, who stated that she especially went to the design workshop, said, “I went to the natural sciences workshop. I loved it. As a Turk, I am very proud of TEKNOFEST.”

Families also participated in activities with their children.

Families who visited the workshops with their children also said that they were satisfied with the activities.

Ayşe Kılıç, who participated in the festival with her 5-year-old daughter, stated that they visited the mathematics, agriculture and informatics workshop and said, “My daughter liked the informatics workshop the most. It is very valuable that such activities are held and children are interested in such things.” she said.

“We aim to attract children’s interest in science with activities”

Nurseda Alici, a computer teacher who teaches children at the Technology Workshop, stated that she came for TEKNOFEST Ankara.

Buyer stated that they organized various activities with children in the 6-8 age group in the workshop and said:

“The intensity of the festival continues without slowing down. We continue to host our students and parents in our workshop. We do educational activities with our children using the materials at hand. For example, we have built a simple circuit by using the conductivity of play dough and using LED and battery. In this way, we aim to attract children’s interest in science and raise awareness with small activities. We aim.”

Indicating that especially children aged 6-8 and 9-11 love technology, Mr. “Although the 12-14 age group has higher eyesight, we continue to work with our children in this age group” he said.

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