According to the statement made by the Ministry of Industry and Technology, Mehmet Can Baştemir gold, Barış Koyuncu, Şevket Onur Yılmaz, Melek Güngör, Serdar, representing Turkey in the 64th International Mathematics Olympiad held in Chiba, Japan and attended by 623 students from 112 countries. Bozdag and Hakan Gundogan also won the silver medal.

Halil Eren Uyar, Erdem Yamalıoğlu, Tolga Tabanlı and Kerem Aydın won the bronze medals, representing Turkey in the 34th International Biology Olympiad held in Al Ain, United Arab Emirates, where 320 students from 80 countries participated.

Congratulations to the students from Minister Kacır

Mehmet Fatih Kacır, Minister of Industry and Technology, whose views were included in the statement, stated that Turkish students won 1 gold, 5 silver medals in the International Mathematics Olympiad, and 3 silver and 1 bronze medals in the International Biology Olympiad.

Kacır said, “Our students achieved a historic success in the International Mathematics Olympiad and brought our country to the 8th place among 112 countries. Thus, we achieved the second best achievement in our history in mathematics. Our students, who won 3 silver and 1 bronze medals in the 34th International Biology Olympiad swelled,” he said.

“As a Turkey that has a voice in the international arena, we look to our future with even more hope”

Minister Kacır made the following assessment regarding the successes achieved in both Olympics:

“Our young scientists, who were trained within the body of TÜBİTAK BİDEB to represent our country in the international arena, carried our country’s name to the top by proudly waving our flag at the Olympics they participated in. Our students achieved a historic success in mathematics, raising our country to 8th place among 112 countries. We achieved our second success. Our young people also competed very well in the Biology Olympiad. Our young people, whom we see as the scientists of the future in the Turkish Century, do not let our efforts go in vain. This graph of success, which has increased in the international arena recently, is a sign of the efforts of our young people who are kneaded with science. Science As a Turkey that has a voice in the international arena thanks to our young people who produce and develop technology and technology, we look to our future with even more hope.”

Minister Kacır, who stated that they will continue to support the youth in every field based on the vision of the National Technology Move, congratulated all the students, their families, teachers and everyone who contributed, who made the country proud by participating in the Olympics and wished them continued success.

Minister Kacır shared the names of the students who won medals and the medals they received on his social media account and used the phrase “May you always be successful”.

TUBITAK President Prof. Dr. Hasan Mandal congratulated the future scientist candidate students who represented Turkey in both Olympics and thanked all the students who participated in the Olympics, their teachers, and all the academicians who took part in the trainings, especially the chairmen of the committees.

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