President of the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Türkiye (TUBITAK), Prof. Dr. Hasan Mandal made evaluations to AA correspondent on the last day of TEKNOFEST, the world’s largest space, aviation and technology festival held at Etimesgut Airport.

Reminding that they have come to the end of TEKNOFEST, which started with the August 30 Victory Day, Mandal said that one of the most important actors of this change and transformation festival is TÜBİTAK.

Stating that they teach all the technologies they develop by entertaining the citizens, Mandal explained that they are trying to introduce 17 technologies such as artificial intelligence, cloud computing and chip developed by research centers in the field of information technologies by gamifying them in a few minutes.

“Future is at TEKNOFEST”

Emphasizing that their aim is to raise awareness among young people and to instill in them the idea that “I can do it too”, Mandal said:

“We have a semiconductor chip production laboratory here. Our primary and secondary school children put on their overalls here, simulate the realistic environment in the clean room, and create chips with their own designs. They can also see and experience the model of our mainline locomotive here. They can see our missiles developed by SAGE. On the side of those missiles. They can also make their models. On the other hand, they can see our IMECE, 6A satellites and make models of them in the workshop. Besides, they learn to obtain hydrogen energy. They do all of these by trying. When we held the first TEKNOFEST in 2018, our halls were empty. People came and went as if they were in a museum. Now, you see, there is a great interest. The timidity is over. They ask meaningful and difficult questions because they are curious. Curiosity means the future. . The future is at TEKNOFEST.”

Reminding that they will hold the third TEKNOFEST of this year in Izmir on September 27-October 1, Mandal invited the citizens with this event.

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